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Mechanical processing

Your ideal partner for Automotive

Mechanical multi-spindles

Medium difficulty turned parts, high production lot – MOQ 100,000 pcs.
Workable materials: s355jr, S235j2c, 11SMn30, 11SMnPb30, 36SMnPb14, AISI303, AISI 304.

Multispindle CNC

Complex turned parts, medium/ high production lot – MOQ 50,000 pcs.

CNC Swiss-type / Fixed stock lathes

High complexity turned parts, medium / low production lot – MOQ 5,000 pcs, high strength materials.

Our machinery

A constantly updated machinery in order to guarantee maximum production efficiency and high quality standards.

Mechanical turning machines
Multi-spindles with 6 and 8 spindles

CNC turning machines
Multi-spindles , swiss-type and fixed stock lathes

Vacuum washing machine with ultrasound and modified alcohol

Automatic sorting machines for 100% camera control